Mercedes-Benz CL Class

In the 2014 Mercedes CL-Class, every detail has come together perfectly. Because every detail represents a choice. A choice to be, to make, to do the best. The result is our most sophisticated coupe ever.

The front and rear pillars linked by the powerful arch of the roof usually dominate the form of a coupe. In the case of the Mercedes CL-Class, this is just one of many exciting design characteristics. Indeed, its entire formal vocabulary is an irresistibly eloquent invitation to take the wheel. Even at first glance, the CL-Class seems to hug the road, ready to deliver an exceptional driving experience.

The impressive radiator grille and the high-tech headlamps give the front section its unmistakable identity. The muscular contours of the wings dominate the side view, while a distinctive arched shoulder line sweeps across the flanks of the vehicle and merges with the characteristic roof line.

Styling as dynamic as this inevitably raises expectations about performance. A look under the long hood confirms the presence of a powerhouse that is eminently worthy of a coupe like the 2014 CL-Class. And you can choose from a range of wheel designs. Will it be sporty and athletic? Or elegant and understated? There are no wrong answers.