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Mercedes-Benz CLS Class

Lay your eyes on the 2014 Mercedes CLS-Class for the first time and you will be captivated. If for any reason, the now familiar L-shaped headlamps don't grab your attention, everything else between them will - thanks to the addition of two slats interspersed by a diamond-lattice grille in atlas grey. The seductively arched roof, broad shoulders, frameless door glass and concealed B-pillars offer the stylish and intimate experience you expect of a coupe - only with the accessibility of four doors. Pleasing to the eye at all angles, the side mirrors feature arrow-shaped direction indicators, while the aggressive exhaust tailpipes guarantee to turn heads as you drive away. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more attractive, the CLS550 is exclusively outfitted with 19" 5-spoke alloy wheels, while the CLS63 AMG comes with 19" 5-triple spoke wheels - both hinting at the physical prowess that lies within.

It all comes together in a definitive statement - a unique blend of seduction and sensibility that is distinctly Mercedes-Benz.