2015 CLS

Muscle meets masterpiece.

With groundbreaking innovations in performance, safety and luxury, Mercedes-Benz coupes have been inspiring drivers, and other automakers, for generations. But few coupes have ever turned the tide of the industry like the CLS. Its sleek 4-door coupe shape is more than individualistic. It’s influential, sparking a revolution in style that’s been emulated, imitated and approximated by numerous other cars. None, however, wraps so much beauty around so many innovations, with such rewarding results as the always-original CLS.


Since its inception, the CLS has wrapped advanced innovation in a sleek shape that thrusts fashion forward. By welcoming its four passengers through four inviting doors featuring sleek frameless glass, it sparked a trend throughout the industry. And with its muscular stance and brilliant details, its presence is more captivating than ever.


Three bi-turbo engines — a 329-hp V6, a 402-hp V8, and a handcrafted 577-hp AMG® V8 — enlist numerous advances to deliver more torque from less gasoline. Rapid-multispark ignition and high-pressure Direct Injection can fine-tune their response with millisecond speed. An ECO Start/Stop system helps save fuel and emissions. The CLS 550 4MATIC pairs its V8 with a state-of-the-art 9-speed automatic transmission.


Intuitive controls help the driver and front passenger find their ideal seating positions with 14-way power adjustment, including power lumbar support, and a 3-position memory system. Standard heating can be made even more indulgent with Climate Comfort ventilation. A Drive-Dynamic multicontour driver seat offers custom-tailored support and a soothing massage. For the rear cabin, each seat is individually contoured and accessed via its own door.


With brilliant LED lighting, the CLS makes a strong first impression. Standard LED headlamps generate light that’s perceived more like natural daylight. Available Active Multibeam LED headlamps are a CLS breakthrough, scanning the road via camera to anticipate curves and detect other vehicles, and adapting the beams in real time. The sweeping LED taillamps combine eye-opening brilliance with eye-catching style.


Racing-bred style and power only start to tell the story of the CLS 63 S AMG 4MATIC. Its AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive gives it the ability to dole out its 577 handcrafted horsepower more brilliantly via all four tires. It brings new meaning to the phrase “gripping performance.” And it does it quite beautifully.