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Mercedes-Benz GLK Class

Being sexy means more than simply possessing good looks. It's exuding confidence, sophistication and strength. Having genuine character and individuality. An almost innate sense of style. And, most distinctly, an aura of power. Sexy is also enduring. It lasts longer than just one night. Or season. In fact, it never goes out of style.

The All-New 2014 Mercedes GLK-Class pays homage to this tradition of timeless class and seductiveness, embodying a spirit and visual allure that is set to forever change the world of mid-size SUVs. With its chiselled lines, athletic contours and perfectly proportioned body, the Mercedes GLK-Class's boxy, masculine design is 180 degrees from expected. Destined to be a true classic, it is a bolder, more striking Mercedes. One that pushes the boundaries - in every regard.

The new 2014 GLK-Class is everything you expect from Mercedes, but nothing you are accustomed to. With its distinctively edgy look, superlative ride comfort, outstanding handling dynamics and impressive on and off-road capabilities, it is the SUV for those who follow their own path. Both on the road and off.