Mercedes-Benz R Class

The Mercedes R-Class accommodates up to seven passengers - and does so with exceeding luxury, safety, comfort, and space. Shedding the rigid and traditional definition of its category, the spacious Mercedes R-Class is inspired by your needs, and by your desires. Even at first glance, it is clear that this is more than just a very roomy Mercedes-Benz. Sleek good looks cover every inch of its 5.2-metre body. And that's all thanks to the standard AMG Styling Package - a sure sign of the R-Class' sporty handling capabilities.

The many luxuries of the Mercedes R-Class are matched by its superior handling and sport sedan feel. Overall, the R-Class is the perfect blend of convenience and luxury that is nothing less than artful - nothing less than a Mercedes-Benz. Welcome to your very own family luxury liner.